Hyperfiction is a dockumentary that revolves around the theory of hyperstition developed by the British philosopher Nick Land within the framework of the philosophical collective CCRU. According to this theory, a work of fiction can cross its natural boundaries and invade reality, colonizing it and affecting its surroundings. To do so, we will turn to the most important hyperstitious idea in Western history: the Apocalypse or the End of the World. A concept that began as a revelation in the first century AD, but which, nevertheless, has permeated Western society in such a profound way that it has affected our reality in an active way. Our narrative will be built around one of the first digital works to inherit this apocalyptic seed: the Spanish video game of the mid-1980s The Abbey of Crime, created by two young university students as an adaptation of Umberto Eco’s novel The Name of the Rose, which became one of the most internationally respected video games of the time. Hyperfiction will make a recreation of this seminal moment in popular culture. It will also feature interviews with some of the most interesting figures in literature and culture today, with whom we will discuss some theories of avant-garde philosophy, relating them in turn to the myth of the Apocalypse and its incursion into the digital world.

A reduced dossier where we briefly explain the synopsis of the documentary, its characters and our references and strategy.

An extended dossier where we explain the general concept of Hyperfiction and its historical-philosophical substratum. Also we introduce the characters interviewed, the script and the direction team. In addition, we explain our target audience and our marketing strategy to reach it.

A script written by Gabriel García and Mauricio Loza, with the special collaboration of Juan Delcán, creator and graphic designer of «The Abbey of Crime». Registered in the «General Registry of Intellectual Property» of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain with the registry number: 00765-01214140

An animated storyboard in which you will be able to see the different sections of Hyperfiction, the animation techniques that we will use, as well as its main references.